Cabaret du Jugement Dernier 2024

Cabaret du Jugement Dernier 2024

There exists a sacred place whose purpose transforms as night falls. Follow us through this enchanting tale...

First, outside, let yourself be intoxicated by the twilight's sweetness in Le Jardin, savoring a refreshing cocktail. As twilight prepares to give way to night, it is then time to push open the doors of the Sanctuary to make way for the spectacle.

Entering this blessed place, stained glass windows come to life, arches illuminate... The disciples of Le Monastère step forward, and light descends from the heavens, enveloping their bodies and thus revealing the magic of their talents. It is here, under your gaze, that this unique international circus competition in Quebec comes to life!

The artists perform their feats before your astonished eyes, the jury prepares its verdict, and you? You will be invited to also participate in this judgment by voting.

Le Cabaret du Jugement Dernier, a celebration of childhood dreams, now matured. A communion of souls, frozen in eternity. But amidst acrobatics and contortions, between fear and adoration, what is the meaning of all this circus? The mystery remains unsolved until the day of Judgment...

Le Monastère, circus in its purest form.