What is Thepointofsale.com

Founded in Quebec City in 2010, Thepointofsale.com is a ticketing and registration management system that meets the highest industry standards. Our services are designed to maximize marketing potential from events.

In addition to providing integrated ticketing solutions for websites and Facebook pages, thepointofsale.com offers consumer data collection and analytics tools, printing services, as well as an equipment rental and sales service.

Our platform allows event organizers and venues to remain autonomous in the creation, management, and sales process of event passes, all the while benefiting from our team’s expertise and support.

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What is Thepointofsale.co.id

Founded in 2015, Thepointofsale.co.id is a ticket management system, adapted from thepointofsale.com, with the highest quality industry standards. Its service is designed to maximize the marketing potential and ticket management for all types of events.

Thepointofsale.co.id brings two worlds together : the event organizer and the event's customers (B2B and B2C). Since both use our system and services easily.

Our strengths include being a system that can be easily integrated directly on the event organizer's website and Facebook page, there are also system services for analytics tools, customer data collection, ticket printing services, and more complex event ticket management.

The ease of our system that can be used by anyone who wants to hold an event from small to large scale. Event Organizers can set all the desired views themselves in order to sell their event's tickets while our support team will help to make it easier for users. Furthermore, the ticket buyers going through our system will also be given the convenience of ordering and payment methods that can be done through almost all popular platforms in Indonesia, such as ATM Transfers, Credit Cards, or other non-cash payment methods.

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Who is Thepointofsale.com?

A dedicated team, putting your event in the spotlight.

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Our mission: To propel local initiatives

Thepointofsale.com is a springboard for your events. Its unique positioning as a management and digital media tool gives it a competitive edge.

We strive to increase sales for all the events on our platform by offering a high-end customer-friendly ticketing and registration management experience supported by the strength of our network.

The Canadian Event Ticketing Solution

At thepointofsale.com, we are proud to be 100 % Quebec-grown — thanks to amazing event management talent — and to store all our data in Canada.

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