Thirsty Boot presents


In-person Event
May 18th 2024
8:00 pm – 11:00 pm / Doors: 6:00 pm

25 Chemin Bolton Pass, Bolton Ouest, QC, Canada
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It would be very easy to slot Mack MacKenzie as a
punk-hearted Americana roots-rocker, but that would
only be the teaser to a much greater musical history.
Combined with his Mi’kmaq heritage, it’s a history
that provided a powerful repository of experiencesto
fuel Mack’s songwriting, which blossomed in a big
way when he formed Three O’Clock Train, a group
that exploded into the wilderness of 1980s Montreal.
They led a posse of new bands revitalizing the city’s

long dormant musical landscape; creating the begin-
ning of the Montreal renaissance.

It’s an evolving journey that sees not one, but two
new releases under the Three O’Clock Train group
umbrella from this prolific songwriter. First up is the
Dirty And Down EP (4 songs), and then a full album,
Badly Bent Arrow Boy – both produced by Howard
Bilerman (Leonard Cohen, Arcade Fire, Coeur De
Pirate, Broken Social Scene).

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