What We Choose To Remember
Knowlton Film Festival present

What We Choose To Remember

In-person Event
August 26th 2022
8:00 pm – 9:15 pm / Doors: 7:00 pm

25 Chemin Bolton Pass, Bolton Ouest, QC, Canada
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Documentary Film (en anglais)

Quebec is different. A linguistic island of French-speakers, it is surrounded by an ocean of English-speakers.
Quebec’s citizens are divided by different histories, sources of pride and grievances 1 . Young people experience
Quebec differently than seniors, who lived through decades of religious and linguistic conflict. Québécois living
in the regions often see Montreal as a foreign metropolis. Quebec is increasingly the story of immigrants, the
distinctly labelled Allophones, who think it is time for old-stock Francos and Anglos to get over their long-lost
wars of conquest to deal with the urgent problems of the 21 st century. What We Choose To Remember
explores the things that make Quebec so fascinating, frustrating and different.

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