Main stage concert series - Sunday
Musique et traditions illimitées presents

Main stage concert series - Sunday

In-person Event
August 18th 2024
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

2, rue Curley, Sutton, QC, Canada
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The Sutton Traditional Fiddle Festival offers a showcase for artists from the Quebec and international trad scene, in the heart of the beautiful village of Sutton.

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The Sutton Traditional Fiddle Festival offers a showcase for artists from the Quebec and international trad scene, in the heart of the beautiful village of Sutton.

No refunds

2 Curley St. Sutton, QC

Parking on site and in the vicinity.


Andrew Wells-Oberegger is a Canadian composer, arranger, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Professionally immersed in the realms of ancient music and world music for over two decades, he stands out for his remarkable mastery of an impressive variety of instruments. These include classical guitar, Renaissance lute, oud, bagpipes, saz, mandolin, bouzouki, and santoor. Drawing from an enviable academic background and guided by musical traditions both local and distant, Andrew expands his repertoire to include voice, various flutes, and three distinctive percussion instruments: daff, req, and Italian tamburello. A familiar presence on both stage and in the studio, he has contributed to over twenty albums with different ensembles, including La Nef, La Mandragore, ESEM, Cercamon, De Lònga, and La Strada.

Alex Kehler, straddling the worlds of baroque violin and traditional fiddling, has been active in the music scene for over 20 years. While primarily rooted in Celtic music, he also explores a wide range of other styles. He performs with Soulwood, Duo Kehler-Williams, Les Siffleurs de nuit, La Nef, Skye Consort, and La Mandragore, among others. Alex’s passion for Scandinavian music makes him a rare bird in North America, as he plays the Swedish nyckelharpa. He had the opportunity to study this instrument with two renowned Swedes, Torbjörn Näsböm and David Eriksson. Additionally, he plays the Nordic cittern.

Liette Remon - Paul Marchand

Violinist and singer Liette Remon has created shows and founded different bands that draw their inspiration from tradition (Fanfare Monfarleau, Bobelo, Talencourt, Histoires de femmes à l'oeuvre, Les Passeurs d'airs). She also participates in various world music projects with the Strada company. In 2021, she received the title of Master of Living Traditions awarded by the Conseil québécois du patrimoine vivant.

“I learned the violin with my father Réginald who had learned it from his turlute-signing mother and his Bernatchez grandparents from the Rang des 28 in Grande-Rivière, Gaspésie. On my mother's side, at the Leblanc family home in St-François-de-Pabos, between Chandler and Grande Rivière, my grandfather Diogenes and his 15 children all sang and played an instrument: organ, piano, violin, accordion and harmonica. It is not a professional path, but it is the exceptional region from which I come and which determined my passion for music."

With his decades of experience, Paul Marchand is a recognized professional musician in the field of traditional music. With great sensitivity and flexibility as a guitarist and singer, he possesses a unique sound and rhythm that make him a highly sought-after musician. In 1992, he became the guitarist for Angèle Arsenault in the show “Bonjour madame Bolduc,” which toured extensively in Quebec, French-speaking Canada, and beyond. Paul was a founding member of the groups Manigance and Entourloupe, with whom he performed in Quebec, Canada, the United States, and Europe. He has taught guitar accompaniment, traditional singning, and podorythmics (foot percussion) at music camps and workshops, both in Quebec and during his tours. Additionally, he has contributed to nearly thirty CD recordings. Over the past fifteen years, he has shared the spirit of Quebec through his solo performances with various tourist groups.


Since 1992, Claude Méthé and Dana Whittle have been playing, composing, and sharing everything in music. Both are singers and prolific songwriters overflowing with creativity and love for the style of music they create together, primarily inspired by the traditional roots of Quebec. Zigue is an amalgamation, a fusion of simple and complementary elements drawn from the contemporary landscape of their imagination. Here, Claude’s heartfelt and authentic violin playing is supported with rare precision by Dana’s rhythmically assured guitar accompaniment, which also carries, delicately, her powerful voice. The addition of their son, Aimé Méthé, in 2019 perfectly illustrates their commitment to preserving musical heritage and brings new intensity to their sound. By the end of 2022, a fourth member with multiple talents, Mario St-Germain, joined their ranks, further enriching their deeply rooted sound. On stage, magic happens—an energy that can only be found within the “family”—meaning the great family of tradition!


Cécilia is traditional music that creates a sensation and fills every room! Widely recognized as three of Canada’s finest musicians, it’s a delight to witness how much Timi TurmelErin Leahy, and Louis Schryer enjoy playing together. While honoring their legacy as Cécilia, their music undeniably has a fresh and lively sound. They blend the best of various musical worlds in their explorations of traditional, Celtic, and Quebecois music. Each of their pieces is skillfully arranged and enhanced by influences from contemporary, classical, jazz, and swing styles. Cécilia’s recent debut album, Accent, is an impressive offering full of vibrant rhythms and melodies, all resonating with a unique warmth and expressive richness. Every Cécilia performance is an invitation to come out and share—not only the joy of three dedicated musicians making music together but also the creation, with Timi, Erin, and Louis, of a distinct and memorable musical experience. You’ll find yourself smiling long after the last notes of Cécilia’s accordion, piano, and violin have faded away.


Gangspil will take you on an entertaining and diverse journey through the traditions of Danish folk music. These spirited musicians perform old dance tunes and songs from all corners of their Scandinavian homeland. From rural islands like Læsø to the metropolis of Copenhagen, and even some of their own compositions, expect everything—from wild polkas and jigs to lyrical waltzes, fiery reels, and joyful hopsas. Not to be forgotten are the exotic dance tunes of “Sønderhoning” from the famous island of Fanø, along with long-forgotten songs from across the country. An unforgettable live experience infused with humor and stories from their many years on the road. They have shared stages with some of the most exciting and well-known folk musicians in the Danish and Nordic scene.

Alasdair Fraser

Alasdair Fraser, one of the most respected Scottish fiddlers, has a concert and recording career that spans over 30 years, with a long list of awards, honors, radio and television credits, and performances on the best film soundtracks (The Last of the Mohicans, Titanic, etc.).

In 2011, he was made member of the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame. Through the four summer programs that Alasdair founded at the Scottish Violin School, he teaches master classes and workshops for performers of all ages, levels and instruments, with an emphasis on the linguistic nature and rhythmic momentum of traditional music. Several different themes are available, including: finding your own voice on your instrument, learning to groove, playing together, arrangement, creativity and improvisation, and working with small chamber orchestras. The emphasis is on inclusion and creating community through music creation. He knows how to create a place of learning where teaching is done by ear.

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