Muqata'a · Neo Edo · Golpesar + guests
Suoni Per Il Popolo presents

Muqata'a · Neo Edo · Golpesar + guests

June 19th 2019
9:00 pm / Doors: 8:30 pm

4602 St-Laurent, Montréal, QC, Canada
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Muqata’a’s syncopated loops and jagged samples of the sounds of the occupied West Bank are meant to be a disruption, a glitch in the system. Formerly a member of the acclaimed collective Ramallah Underground and known as the “godfather” of the underground hip-hop scene in Ramallah, Palestine, Muqata’a weaves classical Arab music and found sound into his instrumental hip-hop to speak back to the auditory and physical assault of military checkpoints and Israeli helicopters. You can also find him in a new documentary, Palestine Underground, which follows members of a growing subterranean dance culture as they put on DIY parties across Palestine.

Neo Edo

Golpesar is: a sounding of discrete scenes and circular narratives as a means of creating collective memories of visceral intimacy. A blurring of aesthetic boundaries in favour of inclusive and poetic narration. An affectionate term in Farsi.


Neo Edo is a DJ and producer based in Montreal who blends heavy crushing beats and furious urban dystopian nocturnal soundscapes.

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