D4vid Lee | Lova | Sahsh'U à L'Esco
Joy Ride Records presents

D4vid Lee | Lova | Sahsh'U à L'Esco

In-person Event
December 17th 2021
11:15 pm – 3:00 am / Doors: 10:00 pm

4461 St-Denis, Montréal, QC, Canada
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D4vid Lee

Ten years and counting, performing in the English-speaking underground of Montreal, David Lee represents better than anyone the new generation of multi-genre MCs. The Montreal artist mixes boom bap and trap sounds as well as emo-punk-rock textures making it his own style. The rapper was first known for his projects with his former group Backpacker Music. This first effort allowed him to distinguish himself and win some prizes on the 514 local scene. Over time, David Lee has refined his style and developed a ttouch of pop trends. It is difficult to put this talented artists in a box. Every new song takes the listener by surprise with ever more colorful sounds and textures. One thing is certain, David Lee is an artist who knows how to convey an emotion and who leaves no one indifferent with his music. He joined the Joy Ride Records label in 2017 and released his first EP with the label in November of the samethe same year. UP is a project that revealed him as an MC able to mix song and rap in many forms. He surrounded himself with talented producers and the result is a cohesive album. His music is cutting edge and the result rivals the greatest artists of his generation soundcloud rappers or other. Although he is not considered a "mumble rapper" David Lee represents a new genegeneration that no longer praises luxury and material goods, but that seeks much more to convey a message of its own and carries a certain social concern for today's youth.After touring Quebec as the first official part of his two label buddies Loud and Rymz for more than two years, cumulating more than 100 shows and having hit the stage of Quebec's biggest venues and festivals, David Lee is ready for his second project, a short album of 7 songs. Under the direction of his label mate William Hennessey and with music productions of the former as well as Shash'U, David Lee arrives with a new EP titled Tears OTears Of Joy. This maxi places him more than ever in a new, as yet unexplored rap current, the emo-punk-rap. He intends to appropriate and this new niche, develop it and make it his signature style. The new EP will be available on September 13, 2019 under the label Joy Ride Records.



With a musical career spanning 10 years, Shash’U can now be considered one of the main poster boys behind Montreal’s beat movement. The producer has toured around the world and has collaborated with many important artists such as Rihanna, Chromeo, James DiSalvio (Bran Van 3000) and Young dirty Bastard. He has recently dropped a short album of 6 six songs that have all been used in multiple international dance competitions such as Juste Debout. The hits off “Battle Anthems” have been used by a number of big name dancers such as Les Twins (Beyonce, David Guetta, Missy Elliott) and Jaja Vankova of the hit movie Step Up. Shash’U will unveil in 2020 an new album featuring collabs with important Canadian artists.