20 octobre 2017 – 20h00 – , Sutton, QC
Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier présente

Mouth to mouth: Directed by Alain Goulem

With their marriage barely keeping its head above water, Adrian and Iris return to the English seaside town where they honeymooned. Before you can say, Man overboard! Elsa, a local, has thrust herself into their lives. Soon all three are navigating unchartered waters.

"Haber and Cox’s writing is exceptional; Goulem’s directing is detailed and thoughtful; Rowat, Harvey, and Wheeler are undeniably talented performers. Mouth to Mouth swims the extra mile.” The Montreal Theatre Hub.

Entrée: 19h15

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Admission générale21,92 $ (incluant taxes et frais de service)

Directed by Alain Goulem

A new play by Alexandria Haber and Ned Cox, directed by  Alain Goulem with Mary Harvey ,Bill Rowat & Jane Wheeler

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