OFFTA 2023 | Anaskan + She Cut Her Own Belly Open

OFFTA 2023 | Anaskan + She Cut Her Own Belly Open

Collectif Dîmes I Eruoma Awashish + Nahka Bertrand + Sarah Cleary + Sarah Zakaib

A superstition would have it that finding a ten cent coin on the ground is a sign that someone « from the other side » is thinking about you. In this ambulatory performance, this popular myth becomes a
way to explore the notions of colonization and decolonization, in homage to missing and murdered Indigenous women. Coming together to experiment spontaneously with what they have to address, the artists of this collective are adorned in clothes they have crafted for themselves, inspired by the object that serves as a catalyst for their work. Starting with a performance at Place de la Paix, the performers will make their way to Théâtre aux Écuries.


She Cut Her Own Belly Open
Joliz Dela Peña

This performance art piece is a commentary on the romanticization of marginalized people’s resilience and perseverance in overcoming biased systemic conditions. It alludes to the collective yet not monolithic experiences of people of color, immigrants and marginalized people of being constantly tokenized. Through the traditional practice of serenade, this piece reveals the societal gaze that undermines the voices of marginalized people during a crisis by praising their resilience. It considers how this applause only shifts the focus away from the real task at hand: looking for solutions and initiating change.

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