Teramobil | Urban Aliens | Ages | Skullmace au Foufs!
TMM, Labatt, NewCore & Pro-Motion présentent

Teramobil | Urban Aliens | Ages | Skullmace au Foufs!

7 avril 2017
19h30 – 0h00 / Entrée: 19h00

87 Ste-Catherine Est, Montréal, QC, Canada
Pour plus d'information à propos de cet événement, veuillez contacter Coopérative de solidarité Les Katacombes à locations@katacombes.com.

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Show local metal extrême avec TERAMOBIL, URBAN ALIENS, AGES et SKULLMACE!

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Show local metal extrême avec TERAMOBIL, URBAN ALIENS, AGES et SKULLMACE!



Teramobil first appeared in 2010 when Unhuman's Mathieu Bérubé and Alexandre Dupras had some time off and started creating a new form of ''riffing'' where different styles and current would collide and structure themselves in a very distinct way for every individual song. After one year spent gathering ideas and compositions, they started seeking a bass player to become an instrumental trio. Bassist Dominic ''Forest'' Lapointe finally joined during fall 2011. Being a frequent visitor of the pair's famous jams, he proposed to start playing with them in order to bring a third vision to this musical exploration.

To this day, the trio has recorded their first Ep (''Multispectral Supercontinuum'' 2013) followed by a clip for the title-track and played multiple shows in the Montreal area along bands such as Cryptopsy, Gorguts and Animals as Leaders.

With their new album ''Magnitude Of Thoughs'' coming out in late 2016/early 2017, the band seeks to push the enveloppe further, still offering lots of variety but with longer song structures, developping darker progressive ambiance while retaining a chaotic rock groove. On this album, the three musicians have invited Gorgut's Luc Lemay as second guitarist on the song ''Thanatonaut'' as well as Augury's Antoine Baril who played organ on the title track.

You are invited to follow Teramobil on this musical journey where norms are non-existant and where non-typical art researchers might be interested. To be continued!!!

Urban Aliens

On est Urban Aliens, seul groupe au Québec donnant dans le porncore/deshmetal. Un pot-luck de punk rock et de métal extrême, avec une pincé de styles avariés. Une cuisine vulgaire, effronté et sans compromis.
Avec maintenant plus de 15 ans d’XP dans le sachet, notre menu offres divers sévices gustatifs tel que les classiques «Corporate Punk for Rich People» et «Perdition», présentement disponible en combo sous le nom de «Corporate Perdition», le DVD «Live au 1833» qui est pratiquement devenu un artefact de marché aux puces, l’album juteux «Trui3» qui dégouline toujours autant, ainsi que notre toute dernière mouture «7 Tounes d’Épais», à boire chaud… genre saoul.
Urbans Aliens c’est des vidéos hilarantes, une musique décapante et des textes désopilants. Mais au-delà de ça, c’est des shows complètement débiles avec vous, fans échappé de l’asile. Merci de nous suivre depuis tant d’année et de nous supporter. Tsé même nous autres, on s’endure pas. En espérant vous croiser bientôt dans un trou brun près de chez vous!


Created by Xavier St Laurent (ex-Ion Dissonance) and Alexander Hebert , with a line up that now includes Andre Thibault , Paul “Ablaze” Zinay (Blackguard) and Francois Archambault.

“Heinous Nemesis” Featuring Mark Jansen of EPICA and MAYAN .


"Resounding Negation Featuring Esben Elnegaard Kjær Hansen of Hatesphere

Is available for Free download/stream at http://agesmetal.bandcamp.com/releases

We will continuously be releasing songs throughout the coming months , all of which will available for free download.


Skullmace is a Canadian metal band from the South shore of Montreal, formed in 2013. Skullmace started as a doom metal band with Sephane on bass and Eric on guitars. Then with Simon joining on drums, the band decided to start a new project. Not long afterwhile Marie joining on guitars. After a couple of jams Skullmace started to look for a singer before going too far. This is when Joey joined the band. the beginning of a band was then created for real. Then the band had some members changes. Catherine joined on guitars and jean-Charles on vocals. Skullmace is inspired into more heavy and mean music with growls from the graveyard!
The band's name started as Orphans, and then became Orphend. Now then with the present line up members the name switched for Skullmace(January 2016)