Round Table — The Importance of Individual Stories and Narratives in the Fight Against Discrimination
Festival Accès Asie, Super Boat People present

Round Table — The Importance of Individual Stories and Narratives in the Fight Against Discrimination

In-person Event
March 21st 2022
5:15 pm – 6:30 pm / Doors: 5:00 pm

3680, rue Jeanne-Mance, Montréal, QC, Canada
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Rémy Chhem

Rémy Chhem is a social sciences researcher of Cambodian origin. He specializes in natural resources governance and management. In his free time, Rémy acts as researcher and organizer for Asian communities in Montreal. He recently co-founded the Super Boat People Collective, whose mission is to advocate for the histories and lived realities of Indo-Chinese communities through a renewed perspective.

Taïna Mueth

Taïna Mueth is the co-founder of I am Montreal and a self-taught artist, whose creative strength lies in collaging, researching, storytelling and community organizing. She is based in Montreal and is of Haitian as well as Cameroonian descents. She considers herself a modern griot – a teller of forgotten stories.

Laura Nhem

Laura Nhem was born and raised in Montreal, and is of Cambodian descent. She has been working as a set designer for 10 years in the film and television industry. She is interested in the ways by which society creates emotional intelligence, the complexity of relationships as well as what makes us human. The Imperfect Asian podcast, created in 2020, was a means for her to explore these interests during a time when the world was going through an existential upheaval.

Ky Vy Le Duc

A Québécois of Vietnamese origin, Ky Vy Le Duc has been working as a video director for 15 years. His recent works include the series “Briser le Code : Le lexique” and “Décoloniser l’histoire”. He has worked as a director for Rad (Radio-Canada) as well as in the publicity sector, with agencies such as Sid Lee. Ky Vy is currently preparing a documentary on the issue of utilitarian immigration in Quebec.

Joaquina Pires

Joaquina Pires is a Montrealer of Portuguese origin, trained in sociolinguistics. She first worked as an organizer and trainer for women and immigrant community groups. She then joined the first team of professionals at the City of Montreal’s Bureau interculturel as an intercultural relations consultant, where she worked until her retirement. Alongside her career, she has documented her community through oral history projects and museum exhibitions, notably in collaboration with the Centre d’histoire de Montréal, now known as the Centre des mémoires montréalaises.

Justice Rutikara

Justice Rutikara was born in Rwanda and grew up in Quebec City. He graduated from the international studies program at the University of Montreal, and then opted to get involved in the writing and production of cinematographic works. He directed the documentary “La cité des autres” (2021) and is currently developing his first animated documentary, “Au 7e jour”, about his parents’ history during their exodus from Rwanda. His works have been awarded multiple prizes, such as the Gémeaux de la relève in 2021.

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