alterNATIVES by Menuentakuan (with English surtitles)

alterNATIVES by Menuentakuan (with English surtitles)

Written by Drew Hayden Taylor with translation by Charles Bender.

Angel is a young man who dreams of writing the first Indigenous science fiction bestseller; Corinne, who is Jewish and fifteen years his senior, teaches Indigenous litrature at university.

One night they invite friends to dinner. But the evening's guests represent two social clichés at opposite ends of the spectrum: Angel's radical Native activist "chums" on the one hand, and Corinne's environmentalist, vegetarian and veterinarian intellectual friends on the other.

On the menu, like a satire of our irreconcilable cultural differences: moose meat and vegetarian lasagna. Everything is in place for the comedy to unfold.

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