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Opt for White Label

Add your brand image, or your sponsor's, on several elements of our platform.

What Are the Advantages?

  • Increased visibility for your brand
  • A feeling of trust and security from your customers
  • A personalized and user-friendly shopping experience
  • An opportunity to showcase your partners and sponsors

Viewing Page for Your Virtual Event

On the viewing page, you will be able to replace our logo with your own, add a banner on the waiting page and at the end of the event, and change the accent color.

Confirmation Email, Reminder Email and Email With Electronic Tickets

By activating our white label service on emails, you will have the three basic emails personalized :

  • The confirmation email (sent immediately after the transaction is completed);
  • The email containing the tickets or viewing links (sent immediately after the transaction is completed);
  • the reminder email sent 48 hours before your physical event or 12 hours before your virtual event.

Shopping Cart and Shopping Window

Your logo will appear in the upper left corner of the window and you will choose the accent color used. Your customers will therefore be able to obtain passes from your website through a fluid process, on-brand.

Viewing Links URLs for your virtual events

We will use your domain name to generate a unique viewing link for each customer. Thus, your spectators will complete their immersive experience with your brand and your environment.

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Join the organizers who have opted for white label

Service available on request

To learn more about our white label service, contact your event advisor or write to us at