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How Does It Work?

Also known as streaming and live video, a virtual event takes place remotely and is broadcasted live. Buyers of the event view it through a link purchased on The organizers, on the other hand, use their computer or mobile device to broadcast their content.

Create own-source revenue

Whether your event is 100% online or also takes place in an venue, webcasting can represent a new source of autonomous income. As you will be able to sell paid access beyond the limits of your venue.

Create a privileged relationship with your customers

Virtual events provide a sense of intimacy with their users. The presenter (whether an artist, speaker, or sports coach) can engage the audience and share content in a more intimate environment than, for example, a theatre or a conference room.

Open your doors to an unlimited number of customers

Thanks to the integrated technologies, by choosing the solution, you will be able to establish a participants limit for your event or make it accessible to the whole world and, above all, no transmission problems due to large number of spectators. Physical boundaries can no longer stop you from reaching larger audiences!

Choose the venue that suits you

Good internet connection? Broadcast your event from wherever you like! Do you have expensive equipment in a studio? The audience now comes to you! Live from your living room? Okay! Complex camera work with lights and a crew? Awesome! You decide how simple or complex the setting of your virtual event should be.

Streaming Providers offers you a streaming window dedicated to your event on which your content will be safe. Our technology ensures that the link purchased can only be seen by one device at a time, thus avoiding sharing links to people who have not paid for your content. This solution offers resolutions of 720p, 1080p and even 4K! The window can also be accompanied by a live chat space for your customers pushing their experience towards interaction. Customers can therefore share, together and in real time, their impressions and comments. In short, a solution offering performance and ease.

Several broadcast providers are available for your virtual event:

  • Facebook
  • Google Meet
  • Skype
  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • Zoom
  • Vimeo

Each of these providers has different terms of use, security levels, and participant limits.


Integrated Live Chat Tool

By using a provider that can be embeded to our secure page, your ticket holders will have access to an integrated chat area to the page dedicated to your streaming event. This optional space makes streaming more interactive by encouraging participation.

Easily add moderators to keep things under control if necessary and verified identity icons to certain users to liven up the chat. Try it out!


Secured Solution

When a person purchases a pass through, they receive a unique link for the event following their registration and payment.

When using a provider integrated to our viewing page (such as Vimeo or Youtube), it will be impossible for this unique link to be opened on more than one device at a time. This security measure ensures that every user has paid for their link.

When using a provider not integrated to our viewing page (such as Zoom, Facebook, Twitch, etc.), clients will still receive a unique link. This link leads them to a waiting page redirecting to the chosen provider at the time indicated as the start of the event. This not only allows you to change the chosen provider's link until the very beginning of your event, but it also prevents users from receiving a link that they can share before the event.

In addition, if you are using Vimeo as your virtual event provider, you will be able to modify the video settings to ensure that only those who have obtained a link on our platform can access the video and that no one can stream your video. Even if they have access to the Vimeo link.

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sodec would like to thank the SODEC for its contribution in the development of this project.