Get More People to Your Events

Our ticketing solution allows you to add promotions yourself in order to drive your sales and sell out your event.

Complimentary Passes

Manage your complimentary list and send your special guests electronic passes directly from our online platform or from our on-location box office tool.


Build and retain customer loyalty by offering subscriptions. Your customers will be able to build their own event packages from the selected options you’ve given them.

Transactional Subscriptions

This product opens up new package options: passport, loyalty program, monthly membership, and more. For example, you could offer membership cards and give buyers access to discounted events.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is the practice of setting prices based on limited quantities or periods of time. A presale is a example of good dynamic pricing strategy. Use this method to generate buzz around your event.


Whether they are percentage-based or fixed amounts, discounts can tip the scales when it comes to making a purchase.

Promo Codes

Promo codes are an extremely popular marketing tool that allows you to offer exclusive discounts to your target audience.


Increase your sales by bundling events or rates.

Password-Protected Rates

Create a targeted promotion by giving away a special-discount password to a limited number of people. Perfect for exclusive presales or to boost newsletter subscriptions.

Email Restricted Rates

Create rates only available for individuals with certain email adresses. Perfect for event within a company or corporation!


Suggest your customers additional products right before their payment to maximize your profits and provide a more comprehensive service.

Your promo idea isn’t in our list?

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