Let Your Brand Shine

White Label : a tailor-made formula to reflect your personality

Put your identity forward with our white label service. Offer your spectators a smooth and personalized experience, whether your event is physical or virtual. Seize the opportunity to showcase your sponsors!


Contact a member of our team at organizers@thepointofsale.com

The several benefits of white labelling:

  • Increased visibility for your brand;
  • Optimization of your time;
  • A personalized and user-friendly shopping experience;
  • Using a tested and efficient solution;
  • A feeling of trust and security with your customers;
  • An opportunity to showcase your partners and sponsors.

Your graphic identity in the foreground

Shopping cart / Purchase Window

Basic emails

  1. Confirmation email;
  2. Tickets / viewing link email;
  3. Reminder email.

Viewing page (virtual events)

Viewing Links (virtual events)

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