Offer a Quality Virtual Experience to Your Audience has launched a high quality (HD) streaming tool that allows artists and professionals to connect with a wider audience. This new Quebec platform also offers the sale of passes, data collection and analysis, and the support of our leading event experts team.

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Streaming is booming and consumers are ready to pay for live video.

«In Quebec, 50% of respondents say they most certainly or probably are ready to pay for online content.1»

The possibilities of the new streaming service are numerous :

sodec would like to thank the SODEC for its contribution in the development of this project.

1The study was conducted online with 1,004 people living in Quebec, randomly selected from ticket buyers on site for the past three years. The data collection took place between April 11 and 19, 2020. Quotas have been put in place to build a sample comparable to the structure of Quebec's population in terms of gender, age, and residence. (Study carried out by Habo and