A bilingual comedy.

The iconic play series DéPFLIES continues its renaissance with the 12th installment hitting Theatre Sainte-Catherine June 30th - July 2nd. 20h00

A Montreal comedy surrounding the regulars of Depanneur Roger et Nancy, this show is a quintessential, hilarious romp across the St-Henri neighbourhood, and is a must see for anyone who wants to understand Montreal to its core.
In this episode, a pot hole has caused concern at the Dep, Roger tries to resolve the issue but quickly discovers the construction mafia has other ideas. A mystical journey ensues as Zoe, Peter and Virginie attempt to understand the heritage of the neighbourhood and Roger battles with his personal identity.

Écrit par Alain Mercieca, Lise Vigneault et Danny Belair Featuring Sandi Armstrong, Simon Chavarie, Jean Bernard, Lise Vigneault, Jeremy Lewis, Marienoel Cyr, Maité Sinave et Alexis Paquette

Lights Bea Crowther. Sound Victor B. produced by Le Nouveau International (lenouveau.org)

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