16 décembre 2017 – 21h00 – , Thetford Mines, QC
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The Planet Smashers, The Beatdown, Danny Rebel & The KGB + invité(s)

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The Planet Smashers

The Planet Smashers se forme en 1994,alors que la musique ska connaît un important regain de popularité. Après deuxannées à jouer sur toutes les scènes de Montréal, le groupe lance un premieralbum sur étiquette STOMP. La formation a déjà commencé à faire parler d’elled’un océan à l’autre lorsque Attack of the Planet Smashers paraît un an plustard. Une fois la vague ska passée, les musiciens persistent et signent unesérie d’albums, dont le populaire No Self Control, en 2001. Trois ans plustard, les Planet Smashers, dixième anniversaire du groupe en 2004 est soulignépar la parution du DVD Ten. En 2005, le groupe lance son sixième album encarrière, Unstoppable. Mixed Messages sort en 2014.

The Beatdown

They call it Northern Reggae…A one-hundred proof blend of raspy rocksteady, sizzling soul, surf swagger and punkrock pedigree shaken (not stirred) with a double shot of the roughest roots reggae your ears have ever tasted. Pour it into a highball glass over some ice-cold lyrics and you’ve got The Beatdown’s latest full-length offering “Walkin’ Proud”. Following hot on the heels of their acclaimed 2010 self-titled debut, “Walkin’ Proud” is an apologetic collection of thirteen hard driving, soulful bangers coming straight from the gut. The album was recorded almost entirely live off the floor, capturing the raw live energy, urgency and unmarred production that has made The Beatdown an established underground favorite with fans and newbies alike.

Formed in the mean, cold streets of Montreal, The Beatdown rose from the ashes of the late, great One Night Band after their untimely demise in the winter of 2009. Although only together for 3 short years, this intrepid four-piece gang of hoodlums have played more than 300 shows in 15 countries. They’ve appeared at such renowned festivals as Festival d’Ete (CDN), Victoria Skafest (CDN), Rebellion Fest (UK), Mighty Sounds (CZ), SCENE Fest (CDN), POP Montreal (CDN) and many others. They’ve shared the stage with an eclectic mélange of bands including Walk Off The Earth, Fishbone, Black Crowes, The Skatalites, The Slackers, Madball, UK Subs and The Creepshow just to name a few.

This is the real thing kids. Tough as nails, catchy as hell and good to go; The Beatdown are Walkin’ Proud.

Danny Rebel & The KGB

Danny Rebel and the KGB are a Canadian Reggae band, formed in 2007 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Consisting of five multitalented musicians and longtime friends, they come to together for a one of a kind experience that highlights good vibes and good times. With a strong core of Reggae, DRKGB deliver heart pumping music with true soul, and an incomparable sound.
Lovehaus - the upcoming album by Danny Rebel and the KGB began as a DIY project combing unreleased songs into several EP’s. Recorded in two separate seasons (Summer 2016/Winter 2017) in the bands apartment known as The Lovehaus. The building blocks of creativity came together to forge something real. A full-length album that represents life through music, nothing more, and nothing less.